The staff team is led by the Senior Pastor, Matt Scott. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. These staff/pastors serve the congregation and are responsible for the development of the spiritual life of the church.



Joey Brasher - Executive Pastor

Ben Nelson - Calera Campus Pastor

Morgan Jones - Moody Chapel Campus Pastor & Life Track Ministry Director

Nate Byrd - Moody Campus Pastor, Finance Ministry, & Prayer Ministry Director

Randy White - Small Groups Pastor

Howard Chewning - Campus & Leadership Development



Shelley Smith - Executive Assistant to Pastor Matt Scott & Administrative Ministry Director

Andra Griffin - Moody Campus Administrative Assistant

Selah McBride - Administrative Assistant



Seth Lucas - Worship Ministry Director

Holley Martin - Worship Ministry Director, Events & Host Teams Director



Adam Black - Production Ministry Director



Ben Borrello - Videographer

Zane Davitz - Graphic Designer, Webmaster, Social Media Manager, Photography



Hannah Davitz - GPKids Ministry Director, Childcare Director, & Communications Director



Brett Staggs - Calera Campus GP+Y Leader


Sonya Hendricks-Freedom Counselor


Host Team

Amanda Hendricks - Host Team & Events Team Ministry Director



Daniel Bowman - Facilities Manager


Common Grounds Cafe & Playgrounds

Pam & David Black - Common Grounds & Playgrounds Managers