Friends and Fellowship

Sundays 5:00PM

Calling all couples! Come out to hang with friends, and stay for the fellowship. 

Leader: Holley Martin- holley@gpchurch.tv

Location: Email for location

Sunday School

Sunday 9:30AM

We will fellowship and grow closer to the Lord using Disciplines, A book of daily devotions.

Leader: Dave Fegenbush-dfegenbush@charter.net

Location: Moody chapel

I Am Second


We will celebrate what God is doing around us and we will study a chapter of the Bible each week asking the same six questions each week. God Himself will be the teacher.

Leader: Edward Kissel-eukissel@gmail.com

Location: 3007 Whites Chapel Parkway

Forgotten God

Tuesday 6:00PM

This group will dive into the study Forgotten God by Francis Chan. 

Leader: Melanie Payne & Brytanni Gragg-campmel@charter.net

Location: Campus-starting point

Root & Branch

sunday 6:00PM

A Bible study for those who have questions. Studying the Bible from its historical, cultural and linguistic background. Studying the Roots of our faith, to enhance the fruit of our lives, empowered by the Spirit of God.

Leader: Clif Payne-clif.payne@gmail.com

Location:Moody Campus-Conference Room

Let's Serve


Let’s Serve is a group designed to do service projects in Moody to bless others!

Leader: Brandon arbelo

Location: Email for location

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Sunday 5:30PM

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is a hilarious no holds barred advice from Mark Gunger. Mark explores the many challenging dynamics of relationships combining laughter with practical biblical truths

Leader: Jack Harrington-JackCharrington10@hotmail.com

Location: Calera campus-Life track room

Then Sings My Soul

Monday 6:30PM

Then Sings My Soul - Hear the stories behind the hymns of faith as we read, hear and sing the songs.

Leader: Selah McBride-selah@gpchurch.tv

Location: Calera campus


Tuesday 6:30PM

Learn about Jesus and workout!

Leader: Erica Thornburg-erica.thornburg@hotmail.com

Location: Calera campus

A Family on a Mission

Wednesday 6:00PM

Discover ways to help you and your family become a family on a mission.

Leader: Pastor Ben Nelson-ben@gpchurch.tv

Location: Calera campus

Rock Solid Finances

Monday 6:30PM

Are you tired of always worrying about money? Do you know what the Bible says about money? This class will teach basic financial strategies based on the truth of God’s Word.

Leader: Chris Duensing-cduensing@gmail.com

Location: Calera campus-Life Track Room


Friday 6:30PM

Join us for a weekly study as we explore the Book of Hebrews

Leader: Fred Hewitt-fredhewitt@yahoo.com

Location: Email for location

Sunday Bible Study

Sunday 9:00AM

Join us for a weekly study of The Bible before worship on Sunday Mornings. 

Leader: Rob Hilliker-selah@gpchurch.tv

Location: Calera campus