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Maharashtra State, with 115 million men, women, and children, is India's second-most populated state. Although it's size (area) is about that of New Mexico, USA, if it were a country, it would be the 11th most populated country in the world


True to its name, “Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda is a country of lush, beautiful landscapes; magnificent hills and mountains, deep green valleys, meticulously planted crops, and a fun loving people that God has drawn to Himself through the scars and pain of a horrific genocidal history.


Life Is Hope is an 501(c)3 based out of Jasper, Alabama. Our goal is to help develop a new model for child care in Haiti. Our desire is to provide a Christ-centered home for children, promoting self-confidence and love. In the process, we hope to change the hearts of those who have more than they need to help those who have little. A model based on love, rather than pity. The children at Life is Hope deserve an opportunity to be the future leaders of a country with unlimited opportunities!

dominican republic

The Lord is pouring out His spirit in a great way in Dominican Republic. There is a great hunger for the gospel and many are receiving Christ. The Lord is raising up the national church to fulfill the Great Commission.


Mexico is a country desperate for the clear gospel of Jesus Christ. For centuries the people of Mexico have labored to find the message of salvation by faith in a culture that teaches salvation is gained through a religious system of works.


We Are a group of believers that have a heart for the country, and for the people of Bulgaria.


Discovery Clubs are Bible clubs that meet in public elementary schools during after-school hours. These clubs are freely offered and teach the Gospel while also building foundations for life, developing character and changing our communities.



Street Reach provides a cross cultural, practical mission opportunity for your team while reclaiming our community for Christ.