What is Freedom Ministry?

Freedom Ministry is a kingdom-focused part of The Gathering Place Church designed to help you move beyond your yesterday in order to be the person God has redeemed you to be, today. Jesus himself said that He came to earth so the we may have life and that means life to the full. Just imagine that: life abundant. Not barely surviving, but truly living. It means days that begin with gladness ad nights that end in peaceful sleep. It means days filled with hope, joy, and purpose. This is the kind of life God always intended for you to have.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” -Galatians 5:1a

We truly believe that you no longer have to be bound by your past experiences, your mistakes, or the lies of this world. The Gathering Place Church has many ways for you to be able to experience Freedom.

Freedom track

Through an interactive 13 week BE FREE Bible study, followed by our Freedom Conference you can begin your freedom pursuit. This gives you an opportunity to dive into freedom in a group setting and ending the semester with a powerful corporate experience that teaches you how to BE FREE. This provides for you the gift of relationship through community, as well as moving you towards the relationship with God that you have always desired to have. The next opportunity to begin BE FREE will be Fall 2017. 

Freedom Prayer Sessions

There are times in our lives when moments that took place long ago defined who we are today. The most common, yet unhealthy, way for us to begin coping with those moments are to bury them deep within us. The problem with that, is that no matter what we do or say, those defining moments are stuck and they are dying to get out. We believe that you do not have to live by those moments any longer. The Gathering Place Church believes that God desires to remove the barriers that are buried deep within us. Thankfully, God provides multiple avenues for us to receive freedom in Christ. These prayer sessions are for those who have gone through our BE FREE curriculum and Freedom Conference, but are still struggling with some areas of bondage. These sessions are designed to help you communicate with God and release the bondage from within. Freedom Prayer Sessions are by appointment only. 

Freedom Counseling

Sometimes life has helped deal us a hand that is truly difficult to overcome without a more in depth form of freedom ministry. We offer a variety of counseling services that can help you move into the life God desires for you. With two on-site Freedom Counseling Ministers and a massive Lay Counseling team, The Gathering Place is equipped and ready to help. Freedom Counseling has a strong biblically-based process that allows you to not only deal with what is behind you, but look ahead at how God designed you. Freedom Counseling Sessions are by appointment only and require the forms below. (Links for all paperwork here) Please submit all paperwork and counseling staff member will contact you.